The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am always looking. Sometimes on purpose but mostly by nature. (I am the one at the party who spots the spider on the ceiling.) No matter where I find myself or how I may be feeling, I stumble upon whatever dares to be noticed by my curious eyes. I live for this. And I love to share what I find.

The last few years had me living in three very different cities - Chicago, Los Angeles and Milan. All three live vividly behind my eyes. Their inspiration lies within these digital pages. You will see that I love to look up and marvel at the formidable architecture and ornate tin ceilings in my hometown of Chicago. That in Santa Monica, I found comfort and solace studying the movement of the ocean. In Italy, I was treated to its abundance of history and design, its newness within the oldness and oldness within the newness. I was transfixed. 

These experiences, along with countless others, continue to expand my mind and keep me on my toes. They help guide me in both my personal and professional life. As a result, I push myself to do as much as I am able. See for yourself.


I wear many hats.

I wear many hats.

Business Development

I have a passion for all things design. During my time living in the Brera neighborhood and design district of Milan, I would walk the streets, excitedly meandering into the courtyards of the many inviting showrooms and galleries. It was during Fuorisalone, Milan Design Week, that I was fortunate enough to dig deeper into this world. Now back in Chicago, I have merged this passion with my career. I recently began working with Boffi in business development. To be this close to such Italian craftsmanship and iconic designers, and share this passion with others, is a thrilling opportunity for this design lover. As I continue to build relationships with leading Interior Designers, Architects, and Developers, I look forward to broadening my wheelhouse and helping keep great design at the forefront. 


demand & LEAD Generation


squeaky wheel


Marketing Creative

professional troubleshooter

whole-brain philosophy


A seasoned agency Creative Director and Art Director, I develop, manage and produce strategic integrated marketing campaigns for industry-leading global brands. Throughout my career as a creative in marketing and advertising, I have held nearly every creative role. My experience has awarded me a comprehensive understanding of all touch points of a successful strategic branding campaign, start to finish. In addition to my time at the Big Agencies, I built and nurtured fruitful client relationships on my own as a freelance creative and strategist.  






a happy accident

One of my majors in college was Art. My specialties included Painting, Graphic Design, Drawing and Art History. Today, I paint when the moment arises — more so when it becomes a necessity. My paintings are usually inspired by people, the weather, a personal encounter, other works of art, and current events. I layer, I scrape, I use both hands, I close my eyes, and I simply get lost in the mental and physical rhythm of it all. I tend to stick with oils, acrylic, crayons, wax and anything else that feels right. It is a visceral experience that allows me to tell a story that only I can tell. It is my own private therapy session. It is an exploration of media. Overall, it is the ultimate journey, and a pretty darn cool gift to myself.







Throughout the years, I have been fortunate to travel. I particularly love the outdoors, world history, and being anonymous in strange places. I find myself more empowered with every journey, and feel that my experiences have granted me a continual and fresh perspective. With this perspective comes my spin on photography. I do not claim to be a photographer. I simply like to capture what I deem special. As a result, I have cultivated an extremely large collection of photographic imagery. Conversely, there are times I choose to not take a photo, for I feel that some things live best inside of us, kept all to ourselves. 



Philanthropist: Founder and Curator,
The Arts of Courage Project, ACP

We believe
Art creates dialogue. 
Dialogue instigates ideas. 
Ideas produce knowledge. 
Knowledge is power.
Power breeds courage.

In June 2012, I was inspired to start a not for profit organization to help raise funds for young adults facing a cancer diagnosis. This inspiration turned into The Arts of Courage Project, ACP.  

ACP's mission is to create an empowering opportunity for cancer survivors to express themselves artistically. We seek to showcase the many facets of survivorship and the courage it takes to express oneself in such a way. Through our three evolving channels - Art Auctions, Yoga, Cards of Courage - we strive to give back to the tremendous community of survivors by leading by example, with courage.




Certified Yoga Instructor




I received my yoga teacher certificate from yogaview Chicago in the summer of 2015. As a Yoga Alliance certified instructor, RYT® 200, I lead alignment centric vinyasa (smart-flow) classes and private sessions based on Iyengar and Ashtanga principles.

Along with those seeking to begin or evolve their practice, I work one-on-one with cancer survivors and co-survivors as they navigate their way through recovery. Leveraging my formal yoga training and my own personal life experiences with cancer, I am able to offer first-hand knowledge and a deep level of appreciation to my clients. From each session, I donate a portion of my income to my not for profit organization The Arts of Courage Project, ACP.